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Welcome to Drug Fight Malawi, a local, registered, non-governmental organization founded in response to the negative consequences of alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, and abuse of drugs among Malawians, particularly youth.

Drug Fight Malawi aims to reduce the harm from tobacco smoking, alcohol use and other drugs of abuse for sustainable development of the Malawi. In all its activities, Drug Fight Malawi relates and links health, social, and economic problems to alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking and abuse of drugs.

The organization was set-up to allow interested individuals to voluntarily join as members. Membership gives them "ownership" in the organization, hence members are granted voting rights at our Annual General Meeting. To become a member, please download the application form: DFM Membership Application

Drug Fight Malawi's activities are designed to benefit all people with an emphasis on vulnerable populations of youth, women, and children.

Drug Fight Malawi has 7 Board Members who are elected democratically elected every three years at an Annual General Meeting. Board Members come from the general membership of the organization. Currently, Drug Fight Malawi has 250 members and 12 members of staff.

Drug Fight Malawi is led by the Executive Director, hired on a 5-year contract basis by Board Members in accordance with its by-laws. The Executive Director is the chief operating officer, responsible for day to day operations.

Drug Fight Malawi's Patron is identified and appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Patron is influential in the organization, presiding over important functions in addition to giving political, financial, and material support to the organization.

The funds and revenue of Drug Fight Malawi consist of donations and contributions from well-wishers and grants. Drug Fight Malawi's financial year commences on 1st January and ends on 31st December.

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