About Drug Fight Malawi

Drug Fight Malawi is a legally registered local NGO which is championing activities against alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, and use of drugs of abuse.

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world (Number 165 from 177 countries in terms of development, according to the 2006 Human Development Index, with over half of it population living below the poverty line).

Drug Fight Malawi considers alcohol and substance abuse as a development issue.

Drug Fight Malawi programs are hence divided into three categories focusing on:

1. Alcohol consumption
2. Tobacco smoking and growing
3. Use of drugs of abuse: In Malawi, marijuana is commonly used.

Our Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 is available here: Strategic Plan

Drug Fight Malawi's Financial Policy is available here: Financial Policy


Vision and Mission

Vision: The vision is to be a recognized local NGO in spearheading activities against alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking/growing, and abuse of drugs, in order to promote national development.

Mission Statement: To work with all sector partners both at local and international level for the betterment of Malawian society. To this end, Drug Fight Malawi shall closely collaborate with both the government and other civil society organizations on all issues aimed at reducing the harm from alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, and use of drugs of abuse.

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